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Founded on 2013, NVA Interior started as a fruit of Novita's passion in enjoying beautiful space and creating a solution for her clients' living space with consideration of multidiciplinary approach, advising on technical and details from planning to execution.

NVA Interior starts as a one person team, and now our team grows into a number of people with unique talents and specialty, all putting the work to creating a professionally refined, cozy, and practical living space

Our projects are defined by our clear identity of practicality in design, combined with the aesthetics and elegance of design styles, and balanced with warm ambiance mood to create the maximum potential of a space.

NVA Interior's brand identity represents our values in timelessness, elegance, and functionality. Our grey tones is more than neutral, gloomy colors. It's an iconic hue navigating through bright and dark colors. Likewise, our specialty is to assist our clients to navigate and plan authentic solutions for their dream space.

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